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IT Outsourcing


Oonder´s innovative IT Managed Services keep IT environments running smoothly and provide organizations with technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility across multiple technologies to enable companies to accelerate growth and refocus on strategic initiatives with Oonder taking care of your IT environment.

How our services works:

  • Flexible Service;
  • Technical and logistical report for equipment with defects;
  • Settings for computer equipment, videoconferencing and others computer equipment;
  • Technical support, on site, complete
    at levels 1, 2 and 3;
  • SLA management and service
    life cycle;
  • Ticket management in Oonder´s
    solution the Help Desk
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Budget control and best search proposals in market;
  • Full access to our self service support and pre sales team.

Partner Brands


Our Services and Solutions


The best solutions and services in technology to meet all the needs of your company.

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Flexibility, scalability and technical resources certified enable us to offer the best IT support and experience for your company

We have dedicated team to support your IT environment

A complete hardware, software, managed services and solutions in a unique  package for your business.

An entire value chain of support, services and solutions offered to streamline your business close you.

We fit a perfect solution with firewall and network to security and protect your business.

A smart Consulting to enhance your IT department and business

We have defined a business-focused IT strategy that delivers value across all your business.

We create and enhance the IT outsourcing benefits for your business.

We guide your company through a technological and hip transformation that aligns IT within your business strategy.

We shape and deliver the perfect hard IT infrastructure for your business

A dedicated PMO and project managers able to drive your projects

The best LED panels and monitors to enhance and improve your brand into a visual and digital world

Our differences


Planning and Strategy

With efficient controls, they are the differential for the good progress of our businesses.


Holistic vision and Systemic

Visualizing the whole is fundamental to the success of a business, whether for short, medium or long term. This is the concept we use to provide our services.


Efficient Communication

Communication is a strong tool to avoid problems and lack of information services.


Optimization of resources

Efficient allocation of resources, allowing employees to balance activities and knowledge, which guarantees a good flow and quality in the services provided.


Development of people

We believe that people make a difference. For this reason, our team is in a permanent training process, in search of new knowledge and achievements.


Management of Knowledge

Seeking, reaching, resolving and sharing knowledge is the basis for the success of our businesses and customers.

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